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looking for a Publisher for a book  topic
Business Plan Services.  topic
Permaculture in the heart of Seattle video  topic
offering fresh Kombucha for empty jars or sugar...  topic
I need some sewing done, in exch for...  topic
Former Seattle Gal may Be Moving Back  topic
Room in home in exchange for elder care  topic
Alchemical Insights  topic
Hi, I'de like to meet you!  topic
veggie and flower seeds for.....waxing my back!  topic
List of services needed, exchange for....  topic
I need free housing  topic
I need a facial! Tattoo work. a massage.  topic
coffee shop supplies available, barter for ???  topic
want to trade professional web or computer serv...  topic
Lets play flute!  topic
sports cards for sale or barter  topic
Who wants music/guitar equipment  topic
KEFIR!  topic
hoop making materials barter  topic
books and womens clothes for sale  topic
I will distibute flyers for your Biz downtown.....  topic
parmesan cheese in wedges  topic
Seattle Too Much Stuff sale  topic
Moving  topic

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